Logan Miller

Logan Miller

Senior Project Engineer II

Market: San Diego
Region: West Coast

B.S. in Biology from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill & M.S. in Microbial Biotechnology from North Carolina State University

I have been with Project Farma since June 2022 and have supported our Insmed Gene Therapy site since I joined. Over the past two years, I have successfully fostered client and other contractor relationships with all onsite personnel while supporting CQV, Asset Management, and implementation projects.

What excites you about being a mentor?
My favorite part of Project Farma is our mentorship programs. Through my experience as a mentee, I have received very insightful guidance and feedback. This program has helped me grow in my professional relationships and has strengthened my technical performance. I hope to provide this same experience to our newest employees to help them reach their professional goals.

What are you looking for in a mentee?
I am looking for a mentee with an open mind and a drive for professional improvement. I would like my mentee to come prepared for each meeting with discussion topics related to the challenges they are currently facing in their role or project. This will allow us to brainstorm effective strategies for addressing these challenges.

Hobbies/Fun Facts:
I spend majority of my weekends hiking, snorkeling, and watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!