Kasyap Cherukuri


Market: Raleigh-Durham
Region: Southeast

M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from University of Memphis and University of Tennessee & B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from University of Memphis

I have been with Project Farma since October 2021, and I have supported clients in person in 5 different markets/cities. The size of the projects I have supported have varied from startups all the way to billion dollar builds and have included CDMOs, Drug Manufacturing, Radioligand Therapies, and Fill & Finish. The roles I have performed are Validation Engineer, Workstream Validation Lead, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Technical Writing.

What excites you about being a mentor?
Guiding others through how to think rather than what to do is an invaluable skill and understanding how to support others in their journeys is equally powerful. Mentorship is a mutually beneficial relationship that allows us to share our knowledge across the company. Through this process, we are able to learn how to guide others through several of the same challenges we have faced in the past. When new challenges arise, we can navigate them as a team and both learn in the process.

What are you looking for in a mentee?
I look for mentees who are interested in getting feedback and perspective on things that arise in their day to day life. I hope to help those that want career advice and who are not afraid to be introspective. Equally important to me is that my mentees hold me accountable and provide feedback on how I perform and how I can improve. I am looking for individuals who are both excited to have someone they can talk to, while not being afraid to have tough conversations when needed.

Hobbies/Fun Facts:
I enjoy playing chess, playing tennis, snowboarding, playing poker, going to concerts, and travelling! I have a dog named Appa (yip yip)!