Evan Bryant

Sr Manager I

Market: DMV
Region: Northeast

BS Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University

Prior to PF, I spent 5 years with Honeywell in various roles including Production Engineering at a Uranium Processing Facility, and Maintenance/Reliability and Process Engineering at a Semiconductor Sputtering Target Manufacturing Facility. At PF I have 4+ years of experience including roles as CQV executor, CQV Lead, Workstream PM for Operational Readiness, and CapEx Project Management.

What excites you about being a mentor?
Being able to meet the up-and-coming leaders at PF, and hopefully impart a little wisdom to make them more successful on their career journey. My career has been shaped by strong mentors who helped me to better understand and see the realities of the world around me, and I hope to pass along what they’ve taught me.

Hobbies/Fun Facts:
I am an avid golfer, a huge sports fan [Go Spartans and Anything Chicago (except the White Sox)], and a fan of most nerdy franchises (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel). I had open heart surgery as a newborn at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and was the New Jersey Heart Association’s Person of the Year!