Eric Lee

Sr. Consultant II

Market: New Jersey
Region: Northeast

B.S. Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology

I have been working at Project Farma since February 2022 and have supported various projects in the Central and North East regions. I am currently living in New York but supporting the Indianapolis team with technical writing and reviews, along with providing technical knowledge on the client’s systems. With PF, I have mainly worked on CQV projects but have been exposed to a variety of systems. I have also gained much qualification execution experience while working on those systems. Before PF, I have also worked as QA/QC for consumer goods, process engineer for a polymer extrusion plant, and in R&D creating formulations for new products and improving existing ones.

What excites you about being a mentor?
I had the opportunity to take on an informal mentor role at my last project and found it to be very rewarding. It was exciting to watch team members grow, develop their skills, and succeed. With that, they gain confidence to take on more challenges and build their career. It would also be exciting to get to know more team members in PF

What are you looking for in a mentee?
Open communication and transparency. I cannot help to the best of my ability if team members are not clear in the challenges they are facing or the goals they want to achieve. Also, communication is a major part of our role as consultants, both communicating with the client and with fellow team members on a project. Not everyone works or thinks the same. But being willing to sit and work through a conversation and develop those skills is crucial.

Hobbies/Fun Facts:
Two of my biggest hobbies are baking and fishing. Also love Disney and am always thinking about my next trip to Disney World