David Dybes

David Dybes


Market: Boston
Region: Northeast

BS in Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)

I have over 24 years of experience in the Manufacturing industry, wit the last 19 being in BioTech. I started my career as a Polymers Engineer, working for companies that compounded rubber, vinyl, and high performance thermoplastic elastomers. My last project was the set up three new production lines over three different sites (Rhode Island, Tennessee, and California). After that project, I left the polymers world and started my career in BioTech as a CVQ consultant in the Boston area. I work on multiple capital projects as a CQV Engineer at Pfizer, then I was worked as a Quality Engineer for a site build at BMS, followed by Staff Augmentation roles at Genzyme and Biogen. After 9 years in consulting, I took my first FTE role as a Sr Engineer at Biogen, working maintaining and optimizing two commercial production lines and one clinical production line. After that, I shifted to a role as a Sr Engineer at a CMO, working in the Scale-Up labs and supporting clients on the floor. Before joining PF, I was the Sr Manager of Facilities & Engineering at Seres Therapeutics, where I build a team from 3 to 15 engineers that oversaw all Process Engineering, Facility Engineering, and CVQ at the Manufacturing facility and the Donation Facilities. Throughout my career, I have work one multiple cross functional teams, and have built many long standing relationships with co-workers, vendors, and clients.

What excites you about being a mentor?
From a technical perspective, I have over two decades of engineering experience that I can lend to anyone that needs it. From a personal perspective, I have build many long lasting friendships with people I have met in the industry. Marrying my technical and personal experiences has helped me navigate though multiple projects alongside multiple different personalities. I hope that I can use my experience and soft skills to help my mentee grow as a person and learn more about themselves.

What are you looking for in a mentee?
As I say to folks that I interview for roles “you will only get out what you put in”. If my mentee truly wants to learn and develop and attain new skills, I will do what ever I can to help them do that. I appreciate honesty, directness, and integrity; but also the ability to not take oneself too seriously sometimes.

Hobbies/Fun Facts:
I love soccer. Especially the Premier league. I also love coaching soccer as I coach both of my kids. So in essence, I volunteer 6 hours or my team every week to yell at other peoples children. I love all major sports actually, but soccer is by far my favorite. I also like Broadway shows and showtunes, and I am a sucker for UK based mystery movies and shows. I enjoy Star Wars and Star Trek, as I do not find these Sci-Fi juggernauts to be mutually exclusive. Same thing with dogs and cats. Finally, as I can no longer participate in high impact sports, I have taken up lawncare and landscaping as my new hobby. It’s been….ok so far.