Dae Bigach


Market: Raleigh-Durham
Region: Southeast

B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering from University of South Carolina, Certification of Upstream Biomanufacturing from NCSU,  M.R. in Biomanufacturing from NCSU (In Progress – Dec 2025)

Upon graduating in 2019, I worked in the fire safety sector for a year. The following year I moved into the biomedical field starting as an floor operator and department lead in clinical pathology laboratory. While at the laboratory, I performed high-throughput patient testing and aided the CLIA filing and approval process. I have been with PF since 2021. I started my Master’s program at that time. During my with PF here I have worked in an employee backfill role for Process Development and as a technical writer for analytical, PD, and QC COTS equipment. I’ve drafted batch records and experimental summary reports. I enjoy the technical side of our field and asking why processes work the way they do.

What excites you about being a mentor?
I used to teach students during my undergraduate and I help with onboarding at my current site. Since I really enjoy working as a mentor in my role current, I am excited to join the formalized process here. I have so many resources and fun facts (work related and hobby related) to share with others. I’m also looking forward to work on myself and expanding my emotional intelligence. The more one experiences and the more one listens, the more one can empathize.

What are you looking for in a mentee?
Honesty. Don’t be afraid about to ask me anything or tell me how you are feeling. I want to be a resource for my mentee. But I can’t help someone if they don’t honestly tell me what they need or what is bothering them. I want to hear what you need to succeed in the industry, and what growth looks like for you so that I know how to help.

Hobbies/Fun Facts:
I have a golden retriever named Brody. I play DnD and Warhammer 40K:Killteam (The Adeptus Mechanicus is my favorite faction). I have a thriving garden and I love hiking+camping. If I were a fantasy character I would be a druid.