Allison Bushman

Sr. Manager I

Market: DMV
Region: Northeast

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University & M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I have been with Project Farma since June 2020 and have traveled all over the country to support various projects. Currently, I am settled in Maryland and am one of the market leads for the Northeast region. I have either led or been involved in a variety of projects across the technical operations spectrum, including CQV strategy and implementation, asset management, reliability, and maintenance program development, and technical writing for process validation, manufacturing operations, and QC methods.

What excites you about being a mentor?
The most enjoyable part of my work has been developing future leaders. I love the pride that being a mentor brings, especially when team members grow and develop and share all of their accomplishments with me. I appreciate that mentorship is building a bond for two-way communication so that both the mentor and the mentee are able to grow from the experience.

What are you looking for in a mentee?
I am looking for my mentees to be dedicated to the program and seek both project and career advice. I really strive to ensure my team members are making the most of their current role, looking towards the next challenges that they want to face, and thinking long-term about their career. My mentees do best when they are self-aware and ask questions about areas that they want to develop and are open to constructive feedback to accelerate growth.

Hobbies/Fun Facts:
I have a cat named Ravenclaw and a dog named Zelda. In my free time, I love to read, watch Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or go on hikes in my area.