Alexander Dover

Zander Dover

Senior Consultant

Market: New Jersey
Region: Central

B.S. in Industrial Engineering Technology and Management & A.A.S in Business Management from Ohio University.

I have been with Project Farma since early 2022 and have supported various projects between validation, strategy and business development/implementation, supply chain management, technical writing, process control, etc. I have also been able to provide support working on projects globally for facilities in Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. I currently live in Cleveland, Ohio. Before joining PF I spent 7 years working as a Process Engineer, Project Engineer, Quality Engineer and Supplier Quality Engineer.

What excites you about being a mentor?
What excites me the most about being a mentor is helping develop future leaders and being able to watch them grow through their career. I look forward to learning from mentees and creating a bond sharing experiences and outlining different perspectives.

What are you looking for in a mentee?
I am looking for my mentees to always maintain a positive attitude and outlook and willing to receive constructive criticism with an open mind to learn. I want my mentees to ask questions regardless of if they think the answer may be obvious. I strive to ensure my team members are comfortable coming to me with questions and goals for us to develop a plan and timeline to help achieve those goals. I want my team to think for themselves when faced with obstacles or questions and coming to me with a possible solution or plan so we can work together to fine tune as I believe this helps develop growth and ownership that can be passed on to the next person.

Hobbies/Fun Facts:
Fun fact, I’ve never played video games and I have a son named Zayn. In my free time I enjoy playing golf and hanging out with my family.